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The real reason to start collecting stamps (英式)

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Thereal reason to start collecting stamps

英文原作者:Serena Renner

A simple trip to a British post office turned into a life-changing adventure for one lucky stamp collector.

In 1967, a stamp enthusiast went to his local post office in the north England town of Rochdale to buy a pair of Great Britain stamps. He paid one shilling and nine pence (less than 10 US cents) for a pair that celebrated the invention of the television and featured a silhouette of Queen Elizabeth II.

What he didn’t  realise until later was that one of the stamps was missing the queen’s  head. It was a lucky purchase. In 2014, he sold the stamp, known as SG 755b, at auction for £23,600 ($36,260).
他後來才發現,其中一張郵票上缺了女王的頭像。後來證明這是一筆幸運的買賣。2014年,他拍賣了這張被稱為「SG 755b」的郵票,成交價為23600英鎊(即36260美元)。



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此为克里斯君爱读之英文乎?何不就其原文或翻译稍加点评,让兄台之智慧光芒闪烁其中?期盼之至! ...

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Although the advent of email has hurt postal mail service in recent years, stamp collecting remains a passionate hobby as well as a valuable business and investment strategy in many countries. Billions of stamps have been issued since the British Penny Black, the world's first adhesive stamp, debuted in 1840, and many are laced with romance and lore — transporting collectors to exotic destinations, critical moments in history and, for some, elusive future fortunes.
雖然近些年來電子郵件的到來打擊了郵政服務,但是在很多國家,集郵仍然是一種愛好和有價值的商業和投資策略。自從1840年全世界第一枚帶背膠的郵票英國黑便士(Penny Black)首次發行以來,世界發行了數以十億計的郵票,其中很多郵票都與浪漫和傳說有關——把集郵者帶往充滿異域風情的遠方和歷史的重要時刻,其中一些人還盼望著借此獲得遙不可及的財富。

In 2014, the one-cent magenta — an unassuming magenta octagon with handwritten black script released in British Guiana in 1856 — set the record for the most money ever paid for a postage stamp. The sum was $9.5m, nearly a billion times its original penny value.

Though numerous collectors have deep pockets and decades of knowledge, anyone can become a rare stamp aficionado.

And even if you aren't as lucky as the Rochdale collector, you can quickly become knowledgeable about a range of topics and geographic locations as you build a stamp collection. Knowing what and how to buy is key.

“You learn a lot about the world in an effortless but pleasant way,” said retired dealer Anthony Grainger. “Collecting should be a pleasure and if you eventually make money, that's a bonus.”
「你可以輕鬆愉快地了解這個世界,」退休的郵票交易商安東尼·格蘭傑(Anthony Grainger)說,「集郵本身就是一件快樂的事,而如果你最後還可以從中賺錢,那就是錦上添花的事情了。」

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Getting started            如何入門
Any philatelist (the official name for stamp researchers and collectors) will tell you this: build your collection around a focus that interests you, whether it's cars or birds or your family's country of origin. This way stamps become a vehicle forlearning about a broader subject in all its nuances, said Dominic Savastano, astamp specialist at Spink London. “With knowledge you can beat the dealers,” hesaid.
任何集郵家(郵票研究者和收藏者的正式稱謂)都會告訴你這件事:根據你的興趣點來集郵,不論是汽車,還是鳥類,還是你的家鄉。這樣,郵票可以讓你對一個話題有細緻入微的了解。Spink London的郵票專員多米尼克·薩勒諾(Dominic Savastano)說:「只要你有充足的知識,你就可以打敗郵票交易商。」

Like most stamp experts, Savastano started collecting as a young boy in England and quickly grew intrigued by the process of finding and sorting miniature works of art from places near and far.

“You have a pile of stamps, and you start arranging them by country,” Savastano said. “Some of course are turned upside down and you realise this one has grilled gum [patterns in the adhesive] on the back from Czechoslovakia! Stamp collecting is very much an aesthetic hobby. You buy stamps because you want to enjoy looking at them.”
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What you’ll pay         集郵的花費
You get what you pay for when it comes to rare stamps. While there's no firm rule on pricing, collectors buying at auctions should expect to pay 40% to 50% of the catalogue price, said Joseph Cottriall, who works as a stamp valuer for Warwick & Warwick in the UK, and a consultant to Sotheby's in the US. The catalogue price is the amount listed in industry-respected publications by the likes of Stanley Gibbons in London, Scott in the US, Michel for the German-speaking world and Yvert et Tellier in France.
就稀有郵票而言,一分錢一分貨。根據英國Warwick & Warwick公司的郵票估值師兼美國蘇富比拍賣行(Sotheby)顧問約瑟夫·科特里爾(Joseph Cottriall)的說法,儘管郵票的定價沒有固定的規則,然而在拍賣會上,集郵者的預期應該是商品目錄價格的40%到50%。商品目錄價格是倫敦的Stanley Gibbons、美國的Scott、德語圈的Michel和法國的Yvert et Tellier等公司出版的業界權威出版物中列出的價格。

When deciding how much you're willing to spend, first determine how rare the stamp is. Some of the world's most coveted examples are the result of printing errors (like the British television stamp without the queen's head), but others may have become scarce due to political or historic circumstances. Sometimes, the piece of mail a stamp is fastened to — perhaps a letter displaying traces of war history —can raise the price by a few hundred dollars.

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The most prized stamp Cottriall has ever encountered is the inverted Jenny, an American stamp from 1918 depicting a blue old-fashioned biplane surrounded by a red vintage border. It looks like your average classic stamp until you realise the plane,or Jenny, was printed upside down. One hundred examples slipped through the printers, each worth at least $100,000 today, depending on condition.
科特里爾所見過的最有價值的郵票是倒置的珍妮(inverted Jenny)。那是1918年發行的美國郵票,圖案是一架老式的雙翼飛機,周圍是紅色的老式邊框。它看起來和別的古董郵票沒有差別,不過你很快就會發現名為珍妮的飛機上下顛倒了。印刷機印出了一百張這樣的錯版郵票,如今一張至少價值10萬美元,具體價格視保存狀況而定。

“I looked at it under a magnifying glass and was like, ‘Wow, this is the value of a house!’”Cottriall recalled.
「我用放大鏡仔細看,然後驚嘆道,『哇,這值一棟房子啊!』」 科特里爾回憶道。

Quality is paramount. Generally, a mint stamp (one straight from the post office) will cost more than a used stamp. Mint stamps should be in mint condition, meaning no tears, folds or colour damage as well as an intact "stamp hinge" (the paper coating that guards the adhesive on the back). Even a stamp worth a few dollars could fetch a couple hundred if it's the best example of a specific design on the market.

Stamps should be kept in high-quality albums or stock books. These generally range from about $75 to $150. "Hingeless" albums are considered the safest because they contain individual plastic sleeves that don't require sticking stamps to pages, which can damage a stamp's back. Albums should be stored in a cool place, away from areas that can get cold and damp or hot and humid.

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What to look for        找什麼樣的郵票
Older stamps are generally more valuable than modern stamps, Savastano said. Most modern "special" and "commemorative" sets released by countries for publicity and economic reasons have little value since so many are printed.

"In England, practically anything that's been issued in the past 45 years immediately drops to 60% of face value," he said.

Value can also change dramatically over the course of a decade or two, depending upon politics and collector interest. Take China for example. In the 1960s, few people wanted to buy stamps from a communist country. But today, a sheet of stamps from 1962 called Stage Art of Mei Lanfang is worth around $15,000.

China, Hong Kong, Japan and India are all in high demand at the moment, reflecting the growing trend of collecting in Asia. Western European stamps, on the other hand, are dropping in value. That's because collectors who have been buying such countries as Switzerland, Germany and Italy for the past 60 years are now selling and flooding the market. However, classic stamps from these countries can still be valuable. Stamps from the UK, Commonwealth countries and the US tend to retain value since so many people continue to collect from these nations.
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Where to buy it          去哪裏購買
While finding a rare stamp at a car boot sale or an antique shop might fit the idealistic story of a lucky find, the majority of known rare stamps have already been snapped up.

You're better off going to a reputable dealer or auctioneer who can certify a stamp's authenticity. The dealer Stanley Gibbons is considered an international authority, and specialist auction houses include Warwick & Warwick, Spink, Corinphila and David Feldman. In theory, auction houses are cheaper since dealers add markups that can double the price. But auctions are driven by bidders, and bidding wars can inflate prices substantially higher and create alot of variance in the final sale.
一個更好的選擇是去一家著名的郵票交易公司或拍賣公司,因為他們可以驗證郵票的真偽。Stanley Gibbons被視為國際郵票交易權威,專業的拍賣行包括Warwick &Warwick、Spink、Corinphila和David Feldman。理論上來說,拍賣行的郵票比較便宜,因為交易商會加價,有時郵票的價格會翻倍。但是拍賣行的價格是由出價者定的,一旦有人競價,郵票的價格就會虛高,所以最後的交易價差異很大。

Stamp fairs such as Stampex and travelling world stamp exhibitions are great places to meet dealers and scout out stock.

While the internet has enabled collectors to pursue their hobby ever more fervently, buying online is risky. It's tougher to discern fakes and defects, or to spot the fine details of colour and pattern that separate a common stamp from its celebrated sister. Still, many people buy on sites like eBay, and it could play to abuyer's advantage if the seller doesn't know bogus from big money.
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Where to buy it          去哪裏購買While finding a rare stamp at a car boot sale or an antique shop  ...





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Car boot sales or boot fairs are a form of market in which private individuals come together to sell household and garden goods. They are popular in the United Kingdom, where they are often referred to simply as 'car boots'.
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